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Freshly Squeezed

2 hours of the finest vintage and vintage-influenced sound: Remixed, Remastered or Rewound.

... from a friendly and accessible history of Jazz and Swing to Rhythm and Blues and Rock n Roll via all the music that those genres influenced right up to addictive contemporary re-inventions like Electro Swing and even future releases...

As a day-job, show host Nick Hollywood also runs the Brighton-based record label and publisher Freshly Squeezed. This means the show is able to deliver a unique 'behind-the-scenes' look at the global music scene and up-coming releases, often playing new records many months in advance of their public availability.

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Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed - Back Catalogue Show November 2020
Celebrating 9 years of the Freshly Squeezed show, it's business as usual for Nick Hollywood playing brand new music from Italy's Swingrowers to a special shout for an early signing, Tim Cole (RIP) from The Correspondents. The latest for autumn/winter 2020, chilled swing sounds, with aplomb. Enjoy the groove with a musical cast from Freshly Squeezed and beyond. Tags: jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues

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Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed - Back Catalogue Show November 2019
November 2019: Novembers Freshly Squeezed is back with a vengeance. Front-loaded with new releases from the likes of Jamie Berry, Pisk and Tape Five... the show then drops the tempo and turns up the heat with the evolving sub-genre of Dark Electro Swing. Expect all things vintage and remixed with your host Nick Hollywood. Tags: jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues
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Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed - Back Catalogue Show November 2018
November's Freshly Squeezed show is chock full of new releases to keep you hot this coming winter. Nick Hollywood introduces brand new or upcoming music from the likes of Waldeck, Fab Samperi, Swing Republic and Pisk, plus the new remix EP from The Electric Swing Circus and a version of Sing, Sing, Sing from the Electro Swing Elite's Wolfgang Lohr. Tags: juiced, jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues, Vintage Remix, Funk, Jazz, Neo Soul, Dance, Swing House
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Freshly Squeezed
Back catalogue show November 2017
November 2017: Today's Freshly Squeezed show takes a look at more new releases coming out this Autumn from vintage reissues to the latest electro swing remixes. Includes music from Bart&Baker's New Generation Electro Swing on Wagram Records, Jazzman Record's new Jukebox Mambo compilation (Vol 3), Swing Republic, Grinny Grandad, Klischee, Jenova Collective and more... Tags: Electro Swing, Vintage Remix, Classics, Jazz, Dance
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Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed - October
After a break for summer Nick Hollywood returns with another essential slice of Freshly Squeezed. Hold onto the last drop of summer as we hear recent releases from the eponymous label and beyond featuring the finest funk, soul, electro swing, jazz and more from the last few months. ARTWORK (feat. Elle & The Pocket Belles) ARTISTS: Belleruche, Little Violet, Paul Marie Barbier (Caravan Palace), Mista Trick, Kraak & Smaak, Klischee, Mabes TAGS: Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop, Electro Swing
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Freshly Squeezed
„October“ 2020's show
Nick Hollywood is back with the „October“ Freshly Squeezed show. Taking a slightly darker Autumnal route than usual and a settling into a slower 115 bpm groove, this months show features new and recent sounds from Riff Kitten, Atom Smith and Jamie Berry plus a world exclusive, the forthcoming single from Swingrowers plus a few Halloween surprises. juiceod, jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues