Freshly Squeezed back catalogue episodes - Mai 2021 #1

Freshly Squeezed | 02.05.2021

Blonde Frau in schwarzem Kleid vor Theatervorhang blickt Raben auf der Hand an

©Freshly Squeezed

May 2016:

3rd show deep in the new hour-long monthly format and it's still business as usual for Freshly Squeezed. Vintage and Vintage Remix sounds from new Electro Swing by the likes of Parov Stelar and Jazzotron to a vintage classic originally released on the Black Swan label on 78rpm!

Tags: jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues, Melody Gardot, Caravan Palace, Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox, Michae Fraser, Swingrowers