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Freshly Squeezed

2 hours of the finest vintage and vintage-influenced sound: Remixed, Remastered or Rewound.

... from a friendly and accessible history of Jazz and Swing to Rhythm and Blues and Rock n Roll via all the music that those genres influenced right up to addictive contemporary re-inventions like Electro Swing and even future releases...

As a day-job, show host Nick Hollywood also runs the Brighton-based record label and publisher Freshly Squeezed. This means the show is able to deliver a unique 'behind-the-scenes' look at the global music scene and up-coming releases, often playing new records many months in advance of their public availability.

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Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed „Januar 2017“
Kicking off the new year in style, this months show features a host of new or forthcoming releases. Meanwhile we tip a wink to Bob Marley's up-coming birthday and discover what happens when you mix Swing with Metal. Includes music from the new album by Electric Swing Circus, a preview of both the Swingrowers, Vintage Remix, and 11 Acorn Lane's next singles and more Tags: jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, pop, dance
Freshly Squeezed logo
Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed - „Januar 2016“
Today's show is the penultimate in the terrestrial run of Freshly Squeezed shows. We have a special (and not very difficult to guess) theme this week running through all the selections. Follow Freshly Squeezed online for the digital version of this show in future... Enjoy. Tags: jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, pop, dance
Freshly Squeezed: The complete Blue Cover series - Logo
Freshly Squeezed
Blue Cover Mix
The series began in 2012 and has evolved over 5 years and 12 EP's into a highly respected platform to launch new signings and one-off singles by emerging and developing artists. Mixing Electro Swing and Blues, the Blue Cover release's have always been firmly aimed at the dance floor. Often appearing just ahead of the summer festival season, (and collected into a 3 volume EP series every 4th release), the 'anthemic' qualities of the lead tracks sometimes overshadowed our strong emphasis on high...
Mann mit Sonnenbrille und schwarzen Anzug am Klavier mit Zigarillo
Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed - „December 2020“
Looking back over our shoulder at 2020 and some of our favourite releases from this difficult year, Nick Hollywood delivers an up-beat, feel-good Freshly Squeezed Christmas show with some seasonal vintage classics and a few surprises! Tags: seasonal, jazz, vintage remix, electro swing, christmas 2020
16 Album Covers, dazu Text: „The complete Blue Cover Series“
Freshly Squeezed
Freshly Squeezed - „December 2019“
The “Blue Cover” series from our own Freshly Squeezed record label has been a strand under which to release new, producer-led dance-floor electro swing. To celebrate the release of Vol 2, the second full album of 12 singles and EPs, we have compiled the very best of the best into a continuous DJ mix for the christmas season. No talking, no filler, just killa dilla! We will see you all again for the return of the roaring 20’s! Tags: jazz, dance, electro-swing, vintage-remix, blues