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Internet Radio - Weltweit rund um die Uhr und vormittags im Berliner Raum auch auf UKW. Neue Frequenz - 91,0 MHz!


Globale Tanzmusik, alt und neu

Die Reisen eines Berliner DJs über die Tanzdielen der globalisierten Musikwelt, von den goldenen Jahren der Analogproduktion bis in die digitale Gegenwart. In FreakOuternational präsentiert Freak Ass E Tanzmusik aus Nord- und Südamerika, der Karibik, Afrika und dem nahen Osten und die eine oder andere Perle aus Ostasien und den entlegeneren Flecken Europas. Ohne Rücksicht auf Grenzen jeder Art, reicht die Auswahl von lokalen Traditionen bis zu den urbanen Hybriden und Entwicklungen der Diaspora. Jede Sendung folgt einem eigenen Schwerpunkt, bereichert durch Interviews und Gast-DJs. Und auch wenn ohne die eine oder andere mp3 auch hier nichts mehr geht, ist Vinyl nach wie vor Trumpf.

Global ballroom bliss from vintage to contemporary

Hosted by native Berliner Freak Ass E of the X.A.Cute Sound System, FreakOuternational is a DJs journey through the ballrooms, dancehalls and record stores of the globalised world. From the golden era of vintage recording to the digital present, FreakOuternational picks up on dance music from the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and the occasional gem from Europe and East Asia. Accepting no boundaries, Freak Ass E's selections range from the authentic and homegrown to the urban crossovers of the diaspora. Each show follows a different tread, spiced up by guest DJs and interview guests. And even though it wouldn't work without te occasional mp3 or CD promo, vinyl is still king around here.

letzte Folgen

Art: Os Barbapapas – DooWooDooWoo (Fun In The Church) Text: FreakOuternational #204 Best of 2021
FreakOuternational Radio Show #204
In the first show of the year we look back at the past year by playing its musical highlights in no particular order: The best outernational albums, singles and EPs of 2021, plus a few words about other musically noteworthy events and a few musicians who left us. Tracklist: Altin Gün – Hey Nari Christine Salem – Tyanbo Crand Kalle & African Jazz – Ambience Jean Pierre Djeucam - Africa Iyo Aurita Castillo y su conjunto – Soy la cumbia Orquesta Akokan – El inflador Dos Santos – Crown Me Grupo...
freakout 203 XMAS DJ special - Foto einer Frau mit Flügeln
FreakOuternational Radio Show #203 DJ Special Freak Ass E
Recorded especially for Christmas eve, but already 2 weeks in advance at Café Wendel, while snow was falling - a vibe that we hope to have have preserved for your private christmas celebration, if you believe in Santa or not. Smooth basslines, delicate arrangements, and angelic voices. Enjoy!
 FreakOuternational Illustration
The FreakOuternational Radio Show #202
An update on Freak Ass E’s vinyl aquisitions, done online, by gift and by way of physically digging shops in Berlin (Blessed Love, Friedrichshain), Bremen and Rovereto, Italy. Starting with the historical section, there’s songs from Mamie Perry, Rosa Ezkenazi, Aurita Castillo y su conjunto, Kondi Band, Kali Uchis, Wrong Tom & The Ragga Twins, Azu Tiwaline, Alice Coltrane, The Bug and many more, from vintage ballroom sounds via historical harps to today’s (empty) dancehalls. Tracklist Mamie Perry...
3 Artist-Photos und Text: The FreakOuternational Radio Show #201 Anniversary DJ spezial with Ilia Gorovitz (Usbekistan/Israel/Berlin) and Rafush (Brasil/ Berlin) & Good Boy (Luxembourg/Berlin)
The FreakOuternational Radio Show #201
After a rather sunny first part, the sequel to the anniversary DJ special is getting, deeper, darker, more electronic and just as eclectic: In the first part, Ilia Gorovitz mixes East Asian vintage sound with new African and Latin electronica and personal drums & even dance faves. In the second part, Rafush & Good Boy aim more at the floor, with heavy bass and traces of Arabic and Portugese vocalisms. Check the FreakOuternational mixcloud for all 200 archived shows. www,mixcloud.com/FreakAssE
Collection of 36 Show-Icons of „The FreakOuternational Radio Show„ with big „200“
The FreakOuternational Radio Show #200
For this anniversary show we are proud to present two DJ sets by longtime friends of the show: In the first half the Sir G (Alter Cat Records) is playing a set of vinyl ranging from Flamenco Rock and Rhumba Catalan to Turkish Psych Rock. In the second hour Jackie Jackpot (Jenseits von Nelken und Pralinen) will drop a vinyl/Serato set of outernational bass bomb. The festivities will continue in the upcoming show #201 https://www.mixcloud.com/holy_wert_aka_jackie_jackpot/ https://alter.cat/