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FreakOut #236 w/ Plastelini

FreakOut #236 with greek singer and producer Plastelini

Guest of the last show is Greek singer and producer Plastelini who arrived in Berlin a year ago and is sharing some of her influences in as well as some of her own tunes.

When we recorded we didn’t know it would be the last FreakOuternational Radio Show on multicult.fm before the station stops broadcasting. So I recorded a different ending, thanking the people I’d like to thank here as well: Brigitta and the whole team for more than 10 years of collaboration. I sincerely hope that the saga will continue.

As for the FreakOuternational, you’ll still find the archived show, unnarrated mixes and fresh outernational music on Freak Ass E’s mixcloud.

Insta: @freakouternational


Irene Papas – Menousis
Balanescu quartet – Life and Death
Thanasis Papakonstantinou – Aupni Poli
Aya Metwally & Calamita – Al Khala3 Wel Dala3
Antonis Antoniou – Engata
Mereyem Aboulouafa – Ya qalbi
Tarta Relena  - El suiicidi i  el  cant   
D. Charles Spear – Tsamiko Jijaz
Krisiti Stassinpolou & Stathis Kalyviotis – Neratzoula Fountoumnei
Alcalica -  Personnal  
AySay – Su Akar
Taxi Kebab – Nebniew El Ghad F Dlamfdew bg
Cherry Bandora – Esy Vera Di Lecce – Altar of Love Iliona – Marguerite
Bluem – Lunedi
Plastelini – Chrisalifourfouro
El Mago ft. Plastelini – Gigantes
Plastelini ft. El Mago – Eida Ena Ploio
Catastrophe - Small Town Boy
Laurie Anderson – Transitory Life