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live aus der Marheineke Markthalle

Internet Radio - Weltweit rund um die Uhr und vormittags im Berliner Raum auch auf UKW. Neue Frequenz - 91,0 MHz!

The FreakOuternational Radio Show #201

Anniversary DJ spezial with Ilia Gorovitz (Usbekistan/Israel/Berlin) and Rafush (Brasil/ Berlin) & Good Boy (Luxembourg/Berlin)

After a rather sunny first part, the sequel to the anniversary DJ special is getting, deeper, darker, more electronic and just as eclectic: In the first part, Ilia Gorovitz mixes East Asian vintage sound with new African and Latin electronica and personal drums & even dance faves. In the second part, Rafush & Good Boy aim more at the floor, with heavy bass and traces of Arabic and Portugese vocalisms. Check the FreakOuternational mixcloud for all 200 archived shows.