Beat Latino | 20.10.2018

Feature photo: Xiiutezcatl, Courtesy of the Artist

Whether you choose to use the controversial word "Hispanic" as a self-identifier, the month celebration of Hispanic Heritage from September 15-October 15 is a wonderful time to check the latest music from a number of urban centers in the USA–from the mambo of Orkesta Mendoza (Tucson/Mexico) to the Afrocolombian psych-vibes of MAKU (Queens/Colombia) to the socially-conscious dream-pop of Maria del Pilar (Los Angeles/Chile) to the immigrant rock of Making Movies (Kansas City/Panamá, Mexico) to the folk ballads of Elena y Los Fulanos (Washington, DC/Nicaragua) to trilingual hip hop in Nahuatl, Spanish and English from Xiuhtezcatl (Boulder, Mexico) and way WAY beyond, it's Beat Latino's celebration of the month, Latinx-style!