Mi., 01.08.2018, bis So., 05.08.2018 | 18:00 bis 22:45 Uhr | RADIALSYSTEM | Festival Pass, 4 Days, Normal Price 105€

Reduced to the max! A L’ARME!, the renowned avant-garde festival, is returning to its roots and taking Vol. VI back to where it all began in 2012: four days and four nights at RADIALSYSTEM V! On its opening night, the festival will be kicked off by two incredibly exceptional singers who transcend the boundaries between electro-acoustic avant-garde and performance art. Maja S. K. Ratkje has gone from a Scandinavian superstar to an international acclaim and at RADIALSYSTEM V she will be giving one of her unique, fascinating solo performances for vocals and electronics – experimental, other-worldly and bursting with abysmal beauty. Laurie Anderson and Bill Laswell are connected by a musical friendship that spans decades and will culminate in a breathtaking world premiere right at the start of the festival. Method of Defiance is the seven-person sound of resistance as seen through the eyes of Laswell, the visionary bassist and producer. For the first time ever, the high-energy ensemble’s world-music-oriented avant-garde jazz will come together with Anderson’s violin and her free spirited nature! NYC calling!