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Do., 01.01.1970 | 01:00 Uhr | Bi Nuu | 10,- / 12,-

Songwriter Ed East, more commonly scene shredding his guitar on stages across Europe with hip-shaking British electro-rockers Chikinki, now returns to the stage with his debut solo album together with his Berlin-based band BEASTS.

Ed East quit the island and moved to Berlin 10 years ago to set up a recording studio in a former East German radio building where he produced albums for the likes of indie darlings I Heart Sharks and international psych legends The Brian Jonestwown Massacre and of course sowed the seeds of the upcoming debut album by BEASTS.

In that time he gathered together the cream of the Berlin alternative rock scene to form his band BEASTS, named after a wordplay on his surname.

BEASTS is an analogue-inspired, guitar-driven, indie rock n roll band with a classic bass, drums, guitars setup. The harmony vocals of guitarist Juri Member and bassist Arthur Colombini give BEASTS its unique flavour, and the solid drumming of Dan Katz, who moonlights with cult Berlin punk band Terrorgruppe, drives the distorted rock grooves of BEASTS.

Their debut single ‘Whiskey’ is out now on 7” vinyl from Radio Transmission Records.

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