Ange da Costa & The DreamBus

Do., 01.01.1970 | 01:00 Uhr | Werkstatt der Kulturen | Eintritt: 15,- / 10,- (erm.) / 5,- € (mit Berlinpass) | Kinder bis 14 J: frei

If music is food for the spirit and Ange da Costa a chef, describing his recipes is as intriguing as talking about the man himself. He creates a vibrant mix of sound that is as colorful as his background. It is an unusual mixture of ingredients, skillfully combined to create a final result that is delightful and stimulating to the senses:

“Some afro soul beyond chicken and rice, autotune and azonto, with its roots at the shores of the River Kongo and the mindset of here and now.”  

Raised in Germany, influenced by Kinshasa, London and now in Berlin he has been patiently crafting material for his debut album, knowing a wholesome meal takes time to prepare.

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