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live aus der Marheineke Markthalle

Internet Radio - Weltweit rund um die Uhr und vormittags im Berliner Raum auch auf UKW. Neue Frequenz - 91,0 MHz!

Yves Kalwira, Kongolesischer Autor, Moderator Sendung Ngoma

I have been producing the „Ngoma“ show on multicult.fm radio for 9 years. It is an exceptional interconnection that I feel doing this work because my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo is very well known in the world because of the war but at least every month, for an hour, the „Ngoma“ program allows to expose to the face of the world the positive side of my country, speaking of music and culture. If multicult.fm closed and I would no longer have to produce this show, I would lose a large part of mine. It will not only be my own desolation but that of my whole country. I hope from the bottom of my heart that we won't come to this. Together, let's save multicult.fm!

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