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live aus der Marheineke Markthalle

Internet Radio - Weltweit rund um die Uhr und vormittags im Berliner Raum auch auf UKW. Neue Frequenz - 91,0 MHz!

John Roybal, Listener

I have received sad news, that a significant voice on Internet Radio: station multicult.fm is going dark mostly due to the lack of support and funding from the government. This signifies a needless and tragic end to the ability of many Germans to easily access a wide array of programming via multicult.fm that covers so many languages, genres and links unique programs such as Tangents, that are simply not available on commercial stations.  It also enables artists featured on multicult.fm are able to reach a wider audience and provides a unique musical experience that all can discover and enjoy. Those who rely on these programs to connect to their communities will be losing a resource and the general listening audience is deprived of such a valuable educational and cross cultural experience that is without parallel. It is contingent of the powers that be to support to those in the community that are trying to connect cultures, educate and ultimately enable a greater sense of unity and diversity.  multicult.fm represents such opportunity to bridge the gap between many layers of society and do it in such a unique and inclusive manner.  Please do anything within your scope to help restore funding to multicult.fm in the sprit of promoting artistry, education and community.