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live aus der Marheineke Markthalle

Internet Radio - Weltweit rund um die Uhr und vormittags im Berliner Raum auch auf UKW. Neue Frequenz - 91,0 MHz!

Dore Stein, San Francisco Bay Area, Moderator und Produzent von „Tangents“

It’s really sad that after an outstanding 14-year run, multicult.fm is apparently shutting down effective April 1. I was really naïve. I live in the richest country in the world, the Unites States, which is notorious for its government not supporting the arts. 90% of my taxes goes to the military. I always believed European countries were more enlightened, esp a wealthy country such as Germany which can afford to be generous to arts and cultural institutions esp those with a long track record such as multicult. But I was wrong. I know multicult will not give up its search for partners and investors. I cannot thank enough multicult’s Brigitta, Juri, Amauta, and Tove. You should be so proud of multicult. I pray your multicultural vision gets an opportunity somewhere, somehow to rise again and enlighten the world.