Radio Goethe | 31.05.2018

The playlist tonight:

  1. Black Sea Dahu: In case I fall for you
  2. We are Aust: Humans
  3. Tula: Bullet
  4. Fiji: Boy oh boy
  5. Sophie Hunger: She makes president
  6. Sophia Kennedy: Dizzy Izzy
  7. Christina Lux: Losfliegen
  8. Brother Grimm: A letter to Bob
  9. Klaus Brandl: Forever damned
  10. Hiss: Die Gitarre und das Meer
  11. Rummelsnuff: Salzig schmeckt der Wind
  12. Lilly Among Clouds: Well, I could
  13. Mila Mar: Haime
  14. Earth Flight: Premonition