Düf Music

Music for the orient & beyond!

Join Safi as he fuses the mystic melodies of the East, with beats from the West. We'll delve into the music of North Africa, Latin America the Far East with a touch of Arabia. From up and coming rock & indie sounds from the region, to pumping electronica, fusing sounds from all over the globe.

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Düf Music | 18.05.2018

from the heart of the egyptian sea
the best melodies from the east combined with the beats of the west

Düf Music | 20.04.2018

In seiner neuen Ausgabe präsentiert DJ Safi in Duf music brandneue Songs und Klassiker aus Jordanien, Ägypten, Griechenland und Russland!

Düf Music | 02.03.2018

In seinen Tracks mischt Safi Klänge der Kulturen aus aller Welt und lässt sie in einen gemeinsamen Sound zusammenfliessen. Mystic melodies of the East meets beats from the West.... Safis perfect mix direct from the Red Sea .