Beat Latino

hosted and produced by Catalina Maria Johnson, a Chicago-based music journalist

Beat Latino celebrates in every hour a different facet of the extraordinary diversity of the Latin musical universe. From traditional, roots music to the most cutting-edge avant garde, Beat Latino shares the best of Latin music with you! Each week, Beat Latino explores a topic of cultural significance through our music - holidays, immigration, genres and rhythms from different countries, life, family, love - everything Latinos have sung about past, present and future. Beat Latino is presented in Spanish and English.

Cada edición de Beat Latino celebra una diferente faceta del presente, pasado y futuro de la extraordinaria diversidad del universo musical latino - desde ritmos y melodías raíz tradicionales hasta la música de último momento y de vanguardia - ¡lo mejor de lo mejor de la música latina! A través de la música, en el programa de Beat Latino exploramos en cada hora un tema de importancia cultural, por ejemplo, días festivos, la inmigración, diversos géneros y países, la vida, la familia y el amor - ¡todos los temas sobre los cuales cantamos los latinos! Catalina Maria Johnson les invita a sintonizar Beat Latino, cuya presentación es en inglés y en español.

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Beat Latino | 29.11.2018

Feature photo: Jorge Drexler, Courtesy of the Artist

This week's Beat Latino shares some of our favorite tunes from a wide variety of Latin Grammy nominees, from regional to alternative Latin to urban and pop and beyond! It's a wide and wonderfully eclectic Latin musical universe, and this week we explore the songs that we consider winners, no matter what the final awards turn out to be. Enjoy!

Beat Latino | 27.10.2018

Feature photo: Kali Uchis, by Monophonic Girl.

There's some new, super-smooth sounds swirling around the Latinx musical universe! From Los Angeles to Dallas to Phoenix and New York, Latinx artists are bringing to the foreground a whole new wave of bedroom soul/pop tunes, slightly retro, sexy and romantic ballads that hearken back to the 70's and 80's.

Beat Latino | 20.10.2018

Feature photo: Xiiutezcatl, Courtesy of the Artist

Whether you choose to use the controversial word "Hispanic" as a self-identifier, the month celebration of Hispanic Heritage from September 15-October 15 is a wonderful time to check the latest music from a number of urban centers in the USA–from the mambo of Orkesta Mendoza (Tucson/Mexico) to the Afrocolombian psych-vibes of MAKU (Queens/Colombia) to the socially-conscious dream-pop of Maria del Pilar (Los Angeles/Chile) to the immigrant rock of Making Movies (Kansas City/Panamá, Mexico) to the folk ballads of Elena y Los Fulanos (Washington, DC/Nicaragua) to trilingual hip hop in Nahuatl, Spanish and English from Xiuhtezcatl (Boulder, Mexico) and way WAY beyond, it's Beat Latino's celebration of the month, Latinx-style!

Beat Latino | 13.10.2018

Photo: Luzmila Carpio by Catalina Maria Johnson

This week's Beat Latino takes traditional music way, way back and way into the future all at the same time! It's an hour dedicated to the new aboriginal and indigenous-rooted music from all over the Americas, North and South, and all sung in original languages such as Quechua, Tzotzil and more! Take a wondrous paseo through ancestral music for the 21st Century!

Beat Latino | 06.10.2018

Featured photo: Zoraida Romero and Simuchi Xeenoj (Princess of the Comcáac Nation) Courtesy of Hector Guerra. Photo credit: Erika Maldo

This week Beat Latino takes a listen way beyond it's usual borders and celebrates Indigenous People's Day with First Nations sounds from North and South America, in languages from Wolastoq to Quechua and people's from the Maya to the Mapuche. Celebrate the resistance, resilience and perseverance of the pueblos originarios of these lands. Beat Latino greets and celebrates all, from our home base in Chicago, as a guest on the land of the Miami, Potawatomi, Peoria and Illinois. Enjoy!