Beat Latino

hosted and produced by Catalina Maria Johnson, a Chicago-based music journalist

Beat Latino celebrates in every hour a different facet of the extraordinary diversity of the Latin musical universe. From traditional, roots music to the most cutting-edge avant garde, Beat Latino shares the best of Latin music with you! Each week, Beat Latino explores a topic of cultural significance through our music - holidays, immigration, genres and rhythms from different countries, life, family, love - everything Latinos have sung about past, present and future. Beat Latino is presented in Spanish and English.

Cada edición de Beat Latino celebra una diferente faceta del presente, pasado y futuro de la extraordinaria diversidad del universo musical latino - desde ritmos y melodías raíz tradicionales hasta la música de último momento y de vanguardia - ¡lo mejor de lo mejor de la música latina! A través de la música, en el programa de Beat Latino exploramos en cada hora un tema de importancia cultural, por ejemplo, días festivos, la inmigración, diversos géneros y países, la vida, la familia y el amor - ¡todos los temas sobre los cuales cantamos los latinos! Catalina Maria Johnson les invita a sintonizar Beat Latino, cuya presentación es en inglés y en español.

letzte Folgen

Beat Latino | 21.04.2018

Featured art: "The Song Within" by Jade Leyva-Frouge

This week's Beat Latino is a musical tribute to our planet, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth! We have songs from Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and more that sing the praises of our beautiful home and some of its beautiful features: sky, water, flowers, land. Celebrate April 22 with us, and while you dance and sing, do remember to take care of our Pacha Mama.

Beat Latino | 14.04.2018

Feature photo: La Mecánica Popular by Mariano Paul, courtesy of the artist

What an amazing Spring we have coming our way! Winter may not want to leave our cities, but the music is getting hotter than ever. This week's Beat Latino shares tunes from all over our musical universe, and many of them are really pushing the envelope of Latinidad. Whether the hip hop is all about the future is female - check out Nakury from Costa Rica and Niña Dioz from Mexico accompanied by Lido Pimienta and Ceci Bastida - to experimental tropi-jazzified salsa by Efraín Rozas, to other shades of tropical from Mexico's Centavrvs, to Cuban classicas made fresh by Orquesta Akokán, nuestra música is an experiment in becoming. who we are. and always have been... informed in tradition but always forward-leaning, future-bound. Enjoy!

Beat Latino | 07.04.2018

Feature photo: Lido Pimienta at SXSW 2018 by Catalina Maria Johnson

What an amazing time this year’s SXSW ended up being! One of the best, truly. The curation was outstanding at showcases from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Puerto Rico and more. And the WOMEX and Globalfest showcases were also fire! Here’s a selection of some of Beat Latino’s favorite sounds from this years mega-fest in Austin, Texas. Enjoy!

Beat Latino | 24.03.2018

​feature photo: Nicaragua's Cuneta Son Machin, courtesy of the artist​

This week's Beat Latino celebrates the music of the human family – different Latinx musical art forms named Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the Unesco, from Colombia's marimba music of the Pacific coast, to Argentina and Uruguay's tango to Mexico's mariachi and much, much, more.

These are times to remind ourselves more and more in the music and the arts that we are one, whole, indivisible, human family. Without borders. Without fences. Beyond divisive ideologies and the hatred that cleaves us one from the other. When we hear the music, how can we doubt that we are one?

Beat Latino | 17.03.2018

Feature photo: Los Texmaniacs by Catalina Maria Johnson

This week's Beat Latino takes a paseo to check out Latinx folk music at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. From Panama/KC's Making Movies to Tejano legends Flaco Jimenez and the Texmaniacs to Nicaragua's folkoric rock from Elena y los Fulanos to Ecuadorian rocking guitarist Eljuri to Mireya Ramos from Mariachi Flor de Toloache, I had a chance to experience a wonderful array of folk sounds that we can begin to consider nuevo folk and an integral and important part of the music of the United States. Includes a part of of conversation with Kansas City's own Making Movies. Check it out!