Beat Latino

hosted and produced by Catalina Maria Johnson, a Chicago-based music journalist

Beat Latino celebrates in every hour a different facet of the extraordinary diversity of the Latin musical universe. From traditional, roots music to the most cutting-edge avant garde, Beat Latino shares the best of Latin music with you! Each week, Beat Latino explores a topic of cultural significance through our music - holidays, immigration, genres and rhythms from different countries, life, family, love - everything Latinos have sung about past, present and future. Beat Latino is presented in Spanish and English.

Cada edición de Beat Latino celebra una diferente faceta del presente, pasado y futuro de la extraordinaria diversidad del universo musical latino - desde ritmos y melodías raíz tradicionales hasta la música de último momento y de vanguardia - ¡lo mejor de lo mejor de la música latina! A través de la música, en el programa de Beat Latino exploramos en cada hora un tema de importancia cultural, por ejemplo, días festivos, la inmigración, diversos géneros y países, la vida, la familia y el amor - ¡todos los temas sobre los cuales cantamos los latinos! Catalina Maria Johnson les invita a sintonizar Beat Latino, cuya presentación es en inglés y en español.

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Beat Latino | 25.03.2017

Feature photo: Ani Cordero by Bek Anderson

This week's Beat Latino is all about the new music released in the last few months.

What are you in the mood for? Honduran-Miami Sexy retro soul? Mexican Folk Punk? Puerto Rican electronic ballads? A heartfelt protest anthem supporting Black Lives Matter? Sizzling Cuban rumba with jazzy Ella Fitzgerald touches? Alt rock from Venezuela? We've got you covered!

All the above and more because Latinx music. It's a wild, wonderful and definitely eclectic universe, come explore with me, sit back and enjoy the ride!


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Beat Latino | 11.03.2017

Feature photo: Yael Meyer by Loreto Gilbert

This week, Beat Latino previews some of the Latinx artists we are looking forward to seeing live at SXSW 2017. From Colombia to to Chile to Venezuela to Mexico to Perú to Argentina to Spain and beyond, SXSW's 31st edition will bring together hundreds of international bands to share the latest indie sounds. Enjoy!

Beat Latino | 04.03.2017

Feature photo: iLE by Catalina Maria Johnson.​

This week's Beat Latino is all about the women, because March and HerStory Month! En voz de chicas, dames, ladies, mujeres, women's voices from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Spain....singing loud, fierce and clear. Enjoy this hour of amazing songs by amazing artists!

Beat Latino | 25.02.2017

​Feature photo: Milagros Guerrero from Novalima. Photo: Catalina Maria Johnson​

T​his week's Beat Latino shares songs about Mamá Africa, celebrating Black History Month and the gifts from African music to the Americas. ​From Perú to Costa Rica to Cuba to Colombia, and back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean, melodies and rhythms were born that are a testament to the living, vibrant presence of Africa in the Americas. Enjoy!

Beat Latino | 18.02.2017

​Feature photo: Carnaval de Barranquilla by​

It's time to revel in the beats of Carnaval, from Barranquilla to San Juan to Santo Domingo, Brazil to Colombia to Cuba, shake a tail feather (or two or three!) to celebrate Mardi Gras a la latina.

Baila la gente de noche, baila la gente de día! ¡Llegó el Carnaval! Es el momento de celebrar y ¡a menear el cuerpo se ha dicho! antes de que comience la Cuaresma. ¡Feliz Mardi Gras, amigos!

Beat Latino | 11.02.2017

Romance is in the air (waves) on this week's Beat Latino​,​

because it's the season for love! So we celebrate songs of the heart with a timeless selection from France to Chile to Mexico to Argentina and beyond. Happy Valentine's Day!