TootArd (Syria)

Music: Tuareg, Levant, Arab, Reggae

Sa., 10.02.2018 | 20:00 Uhr | YAAM | VVK 16,38 €

„With music I become a flying bird – I change my feathers, I change my strings.“

Hailing from the occupied Golan Hights, the members of TootArd توت أرض have titled their second album “ Laissez Passer“ after the document that stands in for a passport amoung those who are, like themselves, stateless. All members have sojourned away from home for long periods, and so it’s fitting and understandable that their music should be a rich amalgam of adapted sounds from across the Arab world and beyond with little concern for genre boundaries.

„Laissez Passer“ (Glitterbeat Records) is the sound of a band that’s found its voice. The songs seemed to be pulled from the air, to have found them, whether it’s the catchy optimism that transports “A’sfur,” the biting groove that propels “Oya Marhaba,” or the flickering shadows-and-light shifting guitarscape of “Sahra.”
TootArd are not ‘undefined’; they’ve fashioned their own identity in their music, creating a bond of the stateless that reaches from the Levant to the Tuareg – another people without a real home – and reaches out far beyond. Let them pass.

Latinarab is a collaboration project between Edna Martinez (Cartagena/ Berlin) and percussionist Romeo Natur (Berlin/ Nablus) who is involved in several musical projects.
Their hybrid of Afro- Colombian music like Paleque or Cumbia and Arab percussion will make you dance in no time!

Hailing from Tunisia Tah‘ will warm up the evening with some of his rare music from the Arab



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