Carnatic Vocals & Mridangam

Sa., 21.10.2017 | 19:30 Uhr | Global Music Stage | 7 €

Foto: Global Music Stage

Yogeswaran will improvise a selected Raga accompanied by Tanpura (drawn instrument), followed by a South Indian rhythmic exploration on Mirdagam (double sided classical percussion and the main accompanying instrument for vocal, dance or Instruments)

Carnatic music from Southern India owes its name to the Sanskrit term “Karnâtaka Sangîtam” which denotes "traditional" or "codified" music. The corresponding Tamil concept is known as “Tamil Isai”. The present concert format evolved during the 20th century, and may be inspired by ancient scriptures, the great epics, mythology, philosophy, the customs and legends associated with a particular place of pilgrimage, lullabies or love poetry.

Whatever a musician's background or outlook may be, the aim of a performance is undiluted aesthetic experience (rasa). This is achieved by means of three concepts: raga (tuneful rendition with minute intervals and rich in embellishments), tala (rhythmic order marked by mathematical precision), and bhava (genuine expressivity) Curtesy – Ludwig Pesch

Yogeswaran who is a disciple of “Padmabushan” “Sangita Kalanidhi” Sri T V Gopalakrishnan for many years. He is the first Tamil singer to record for a major Hollywood movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. His live performances are marked by imagination, virtuosity and exceptional emotive quality. Yogeswaran is based in Berlin and he teaches Carnatic vocal, mirdangam and flute as welt as he is the co ordinator for the South Asian music at the Global Music Academy in Berlin (

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